General questions

Cash Cards can be used to pay for accommodation and dining at participating hotels (as listed under Terms and Conditions). Please inform one of our associates upon check-in, or on arrival at the restaurant or bar, that you wish to use a Cash Card. If the bill exceeds the value of the Cash Card, you can pay the difference using your own money or a credit card.

Dusit Cards can be used for staying at participating hotels (as listed under Terms and Conditions). Please present either a Dusit E-Card or Physical Card code and inform our associates upon check-in.

Cash Cards, Dusit Cards, and Dusit E-Cards cards can be purchased online through using a Visa, MasterCard or JCB. Holders of Dusit E-Cards and Physical Card can also make a reservation through this link. Cash Cards can be used upon arrival.

Yes, as long as the card and its value are still valid. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Dusit Cards – including Cash Cards / Physical Cards / E-Card – are designed for one-time use only. For example, if you use a Cash Card to pay for something of lesser value than what is stored on the card, the Cash Card will still be registered as used and collected as proof of payment. As such, we recommend to use the full value of a Dusit Cards when making purchases.If you received a Dusit Card offering a 2-night stay, you will need to book 2 consecutive nights when making a reservation (nights cannot be redeemed or booked separately).

Yes, All Dusit Cards are valid as shown on the card. For Dusit Physical Cards and Cash Cards, the expiry date is displayed on the back of the card. For E-Cards, the expiry date is included in the email under the purchaser’s message. Unfortunately, we cannot extend the validity of Dusit Cards.

Recipients will receive Dusit E-Cards via email. Dusit Physical Cards and Cash Cards are delivered via Postage (EMS) to the recipient’s address within 7 working days. Shipping is available within Thailand only (Free of Charge). If the recipient does not receive their Dusit Card on time, please contact our call centre on +66 (0) 2 200 9999.

If your card is lost or stolen, Dusit Hotels & Resorts will unfortunately not be able to replace nor refund any outstanding value on the card.

Dusit Cards cannot be returned nor refunded after purchased.